[+] timb_machine: @stevelord @retro_gerry Mostly use ours for Prime Video, Spotify and Netflix.

[+] timb_machine: @zacharyrohrbach @egyp7 Debian KVM with BTRFS RAID. Testing images on EXT4FS RAID. Debian pentesting image within w… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/953747277834792960

[+] timb_machine: @emfcamp PING cc: @jonty, @sam_cook

[+] timb_machine: sub schrodingers_linux { # TODO } # In which I am supplied evidence by two engineers, one of whom claims system is… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/953655315140087808

[+] timb_machine: $currentstatus{"hack"}{"hack"}{"hack"} = "Butchering a mediawiki into dokuwiki into Git"; # I don't even like Git #poorlifechoices :)

[+] timb_machine: @_wirepair Ooh, nice. Still pursuing the web dream eh?

[+] timb_machine: @mdisec Why? Still need to be tracked. Might not matter to you but that doesn't make them worthless.

[+] timb_machine: @JoelEsler @Snort @clamav Something we should be proud of IMO.

[+] timb_machine: @JoelEsler @Snort @clamav Cisco's processes of governance for F/OSS would probably help a stack of orgs who are yet to dip a toe.

[+] timb_machine: @JoelEsler @Snort @clamav Plenty more F/OSS to come.

[+] timb_machine: RT @JoelEsler: I really should write a “State of Open Source Security at Cisco” blog post and talk about @Snort and @clamav and the future…

[+] timb_machine: @jonmasters Shame about the reasons, but amused by your continued appearance in my timeline :).

[+] timb_machine: @nickstadb I didn't mean *you* in the pejorative sense. Perhaps substitute "if you" for "if a TL"?

[+] timb_machine: @nickstadb Give it a rest. You asserted something. I asked for evidence (beyond anecdote), you couldn't give any. M… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/952564733256839168

[+] timb_machine: @nickstadb @dive_monkey @dcuthbert @n0x00 Look aliens? Also, can I interest you in joining the Flat Earth Society.

[+] timb_machine: @dive_monkey @nickstadb @dcuthbert @n0x00 @ncsc Basically for SECRET+, @ncsc get first dibs ;)

[+] timb_machine: @dive_monkey @nickstadb @dcuthbert @n0x00 @ncsc Nope. What you're pointing at is the specification of how who does… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/952555198739832832

[+] timb_machine: @dive_monkey @nickstadb @dcuthbert @n0x00 @ncsc That point you raised is more about whether it's done in-house by… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/952554876181057537

[+] timb_machine: @dive_monkey @nickstadb @dcuthbert @n0x00 @ncsc A copy of the report, in line with the published reporting guidelin… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/952554345547132933

[+] timb_machine: @dive_monkey @nickstadb @dcuthbert @n0x00 @ncsc The CHECK company must notify the NCSC in advance of any penetratio… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/952554318179307520

[+] timb_machine: @dive_monkey @nickstadb @dcuthbert @n0x00 @ncsc To which "should"s are you referring?

[+] timb_machine: @nickstadb @dive_monkey @dcuthbert @n0x00 Thinking on this. All ITHC reports are sent to @ncsc upon completion. If… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/952548957519048705

[+] timb_machine: @nickstadb @dive_monkey @dcuthbert @n0x00 LOL. I could make exactly the same statement in reverse and it would be j… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/952547645972779008

[+] timb_machine: @nickstadb @dive_monkey @dcuthbert @n0x00 If we're going onto a tangent. How much notice do you think schools get a… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/952545172461670400

[+] timb_machine: @nickstadb @dive_monkey @dcuthbert @n0x00 Any actual evidence of that assertion, anecdotes aside? I only say that b… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/952544206882508800

[+] timb_machine: @n0x00 @nickstadb @dive_monkey @dcuthbert Cyber Essentials is meant for SME's who would otherwise have nothing. Int… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/952543076538560512

[+] timb_machine: Long before I even heard of an ITHC I worked in secops for a bank. Build Reviews were a BAU & project necessity. Re… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/952541369007996928

[+] timb_machine: @nickstadb @dive_monkey @dcuthbert @n0x00 Not how we operate. I'd be embarrassed.

[+] timb_machine: @nickstadb @dive_monkey @dcuthbert @n0x00 Really? Not my experience. That should be in the report IMO.

[+] timb_machine: @nickstadb @vysecurity Disgree.

[+] timb_machine: @dive_monkey @dcuthbert @n0x00 A good build review /should/ be offensive minded. Too many build reviews are driven… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/952535958863433733

[+] timb_machine: @troyhunt Do hope this is the shoe kind and not what we in the UK refer to as a thong... #manyreasons

[+] timb_machine: RT @n0x00: Side note: I'd want my doctor to be qualified, and measured to know at least how to pass all exams before they check my prostat…

[+] timb_machine: RT @n0x00: Do what ever certs you want, some will help you get more money quicker , some will be loved by HR departments yet ridiculed in #…

[+] timb_machine: RT @n0x00: Why? Well because (in the UK) the government won’t let you near testing any of thier shit unless you pass a CHECK approved exam,…

[+] timb_machine: RT @n0x00: So today I can say I have enough reputation not to need them, could I have gotten where I am today if I didn’t sit those exams ?…

[+] timb_machine: RT @n0x00: As a junior in security the goal was always to be a certified CHECK Team Leader, in UK thats when your pay peeks and you feel yo…

[+] timb_machine: @hanno Names only work because so few are named.

[+] timb_machine: @SushiDude @bonsaiviking You also discovered that there are only two other CWE nerds ;)

[+] timb_machine: @0xdea I see you also approve :)

[+] timb_machine: @SushiDude @bonsaiviking Quite like that...

[+] timb_machine: @SushiDude @bonsaiviking Given that for the most part, the victim is described in CWE text as being the software, c… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/951975195639734274

[+] timb_machine: @SushiDude @bonsaiviking More the "concurrent execution", "impromper synchronisation"...

[+] timb_machine: @dwordj Was just enjoying: https://www.halfdog.net/Security/2017/LibcRealpathBufferUnderflow/

[+] timb_machine: @bonsaiviking @SushiDude So many to choose from. 362?

[+] timb_machine: $fail ++; # Can't help but think that a lack of a functioning SELinux (still) in Debian jessie[-backports] is a bit of an oversight :/

[+] timb_machine: <3 halfdog... yet another gem!

[+] timb_machine: Genuinely curious to see who opens tomorrow...

[+] timb_machine: $emergingstandards ++; # Nothing like a late update: https://www.openbanking.org.uk/about-us/news/open-banking-makes-updates-guidelines-read-write-participants/ #OpenBanking

[+] timb_machine: @gsuberland Hint. I thought it was.

[+] timb_machine: @gsuberland Oh Gloom. I can guess. Is it not on GitHub already?

[+] timb_machine: @mjackson @ladygaga @justinbieber @realDonaldTrump You say that, but if they buy US designed/built kit, Trump can claim he created jobs :/

[+] timb_machine: @StegoPax @ethicalhack3r You need to be a president to unlock that achievement.

[+] timb_machine: LOL. Not ACID, so no expectation of consistancy.

[+] timb_machine: push(@buzzwords, "speculative execution"); # In which we spot that this database driver purports to do "speculative… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/951049435647217664

[+] timb_machine: RT @marcwrogers: RIP @ACKFlags you were good people and one of the smartest minds I ever knew. I expect you to start trolling the hell out…

[+] timb_machine: @marcwrogers @cynicalsecurity @ACKFlags :(

[+] timb_machine: @digininja @discreetsecure @gsuberland I was going to use the words "flippant suggestion" but apparently 280 characters isn't enough.

[+] timb_machine: @discreetsecure @digininja @gsuberland It feels like you didn't start at the beginning of the thread. The suggestio… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/950678590261219328

[+] timb_machine: @discreetsecure @digininja @gsuberland Sure but if that's you rationale for applying and then removing the patches,… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/950673360048021504

[+] timb_machine: @billpollock Sophie Wilson

[+] timb_machine: @info_dox :)

[+] timb_machine: @digininja @discreetsecure @gsuberland Given that kpti isn't a network hole...

[+] timb_machine: @gsuberland Purely out of curiousity. I wonder whether qemu suffers when it's not driving kvm and what the CPU costs are like vs kpti.

[+] timb_machine: @tautology0 @Fox0x01 @0x0ffcod_A @bellis1000 Oh wow. Talk about "there at the beginning". Computer Concepts Ltd!!!

[+] timb_machine: @malwareunicorn RISC OS (the original ARM OS) :)

[+] timb_machine: RT @OpenRightsGroup: ORG's legal department of 1 have had some huge successes this year but new challenges loom in 2018 with 500 new ORG su…

[+] timb_machine: @gsuberland @info_dox Haha, let's see how I get on with AIX on POWER first :)

[+] timb_machine: @dwordj LOL

[+] timb_machine: @dcuthbert There's nothing bog standard about a good, well scoped pen test. They exercise different things.

[+] timb_machine: @jvanegue @solardiz @paxteam Still in the game for remote vulnerabilities.

[+] timb_machine: @cynicalsecurity Might be able to test POWER over the weekend. That said, virtually pointless for me, so many exist… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/949016864197349376

[+] timb_machine: @hackerfantastic @s7ephen @nextthingco Does a bit more than just the plain dialing... if it makes you curious, the… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/948710520890232833

[+] timb_machine: @s7ephen @hackerfantastic @nextthingco PhoneSweep FTW

[+] timb_machine: @hacks4pancakes @GossiTheDog @JoeUchill Also get it externally peer reviewed. I've had tips from some seriously awe… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/948292600410333189

[+] timb_machine: @hacks4pancakes @GossiTheDog @JoeUchill Counter argument. If you think it's new, try Google. Apart from anything, y… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/948291884232867840

[+] timb_machine: @Dinosn Not all. AMD not affected by all accounts.

[+] timb_machine: @webarchcoop Congrats :)

[+] timb_machine: @digininja Why does he go under an alias when he travels? What has he got to hide...

[+] timb_machine: @gsuberland Good to hear. Order is restored. :)

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