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[*] timb_machine: @portcullislabs Badges have landed! http://t.co/XtOdkoKNEB

[*] timb_machine: @blackswanburst :P

[*] timb_machine: @autom8on, @blackswanburst, @hackerfantastic Rumours have it, that he has secured us a proper venue :)

[*] timb_machine: @autom8on, @blackswanburst, @hackerfantastic Did you all see FC's message: https://twitter.com/__Freakyclown__/status/505664381779476480

[*] timb_machine: RT @sqshr He just can't leave it alone @timb_machine http://t.co/nqTrKRG6Ch

[*] timb_machine: @blackswanburst, @hackerfantastic Say 2? cc: @autom8on

[*] timb_machine: @blackswanburst, @hackerfantastic @eventilt has requested we start a bit later as he has gone with missus to the hospital (not an emergency)

[*] timb_machine: @leonov_av, @_mime__ Good work :)

[*] timb_machine: @bjdooks Just nice to see geeks from the past are still active :) Are you still doing ARM stuff?

[*] timb_machine: @tobyjaffey Too bad. Been another good camp.

[*] timb_machine: @tobyjaffey Did you make @emfcamp?

[*] timb_machine: @bjdooks I remember Doggysoft :)

[*] timb_machine: @DuncanAtkin, @MikeyJck, @AbertayHackers ++, waiting for CFP :)

[*] timb_machine: @hackerfantastic See my Tweet?

[*] timb_machine: @jonty Don't forget about the treasure hunt :)

[*] timb_machine: @tangenteroja @benheck is the guy.

[*] timb_machine: @timb_machine Tidal is the DSL. Emacs as an interface though, meh!

[*] timb_machine: $impressed ++; # Shell scripted techno

[*] timb_machine: @tangenteroja Modern "compatible" components, I suppose would be the best description. The wiring was insane as it wasn't surface mounted.

[*] timb_machine: RT @__Freakyclown__ Only two groups taken the @Portcullis technical treasure hunt at @emfcamp #emfcamp dare you enter?

[*] timb_machine: @issyl0 Not bad for now.

[*] timb_machine: @gsuberland Pretty hardcore

[*] timb_machine: $politics ++; # Next up at @emfcamp, Tom Watson MP on fighting intrusive snooping leglislation

[*] timb_machine: $technology --; # In a talk on building a ZX Spectrum \o/

[*] timb_machine: @DomCashley Glad you enjoyed yourself. We'll keep in touch over the SCADA stuff.

[*] timb_machine: RT @portcullislabs If you're at @emfcamp, the @Portcullis treasure hunt has started. Come and find us at our village!

[*] timb_machine: map(@self); # If you're looking for @portcullislabs at @emfcamp, we're around C1

[*] timb_machine: @portcullislabs The dub step is up. Repeat, the dub step is up!

[*] timb_machine: @portcullislabs The flag has been raised at @emfcamp http://t.co/KsnxhACiHT

[*] timb_machine: @jonty Oh, awesome, that's me and @sqshr \o/

[*] timb_machine: @tom_watson Be sure to visit @portcullislabs at @emfcamp :)

[*] timb_machine: @travisgoodspeed The @emfcamp treasure hunt will contain PoC||GtFO in compliance with Ts and Cs

[*] timb_machine: @emfcamp @sqshr and I are preparing the @portcullislabs treasure hunt as we speak!

[*] timb_machine: @ChrisJohnRiley, @joshcorman, @iamthecavalry Some years ago, I worked on a bus tracking system. Emergencies were a single bit away.

[*] timb_machine: RT @Portcullis We are excited to announce that we will be sponsoring this years EMF Camp! https://www.portcullis-security.com/events/forthcoming-events/

[*] timb_machine: @emfcamp Thrilled to see @portcullis sponsorship is public \o/

[*] timb_machine: @dougieno8 Dad died on Tuesday. Reckon he'd have enjoyed that performance. :)

[*] timb_machine: @IBMAIXeSupp You should also tweet about the Tivoli bugs IBM fixed this last week :P

[*] timb_machine: @5egfault I'm someone who has already read the Linux && FreeBSD manual and has a copy of Solaris Internals on the floor next to me.

[*] timb_machine: @5egfault What you're talking about has nothing to do with initramfs. That's just used to pivot during boot.

[*] timb_machine: @5egfault Also not strictly true. Allows for hibernation, paging out infrequently used data to allow for caching etc.

[*] timb_machine: @5egfault Not strictly true.

[*] timb_machine: @5egfault By default, tmpfs is backed by %VM.

[*] timb_machine: @5egfault You said tmpfs. Do you mean tweaking /etc/default/tmpfs to make it behave like ramfs?

[*] timb_machine: <$friends>; # Building drop boxes for @emfcamp competition, what warez to pre-distribute?

[*] timb_machine: @5egfault As with other world writable locations it's use can also lead to race conditions.

[*] timb_machine: @5egfault tmpfs isn't a new phenomenon.. Solaris had an implementation for quite a while. One obvious problem. Paging to swap.

[*] timb_machine: @undeadsecurity Sure, why not.

[*] timb_machine: @agelastic, @homakov Working with the wrong clients.

[*] timb_machine: @TeamAndIRC Ah, awesome sauce. ;)

[*] timb_machine: @TeamAndIRC The one(s) you mentioned post BH which yield root. If the details are available on the BB 10 I'd quite happily take a pop at it.

[*] timb_machine: @gsuberland I have a solar powered 60 LED light to hack ;)

[*] timb_machine: @TeamAndIRC I didn't think it was your bug? Original authors not publishing anything after all?

[*] timb_machine: @gsuberland Good stuff. I am currently in SFO planning a treasure hunt.

[*] timb_machine: @TeamAndIRC Any news on the BB10. Soft brick or more serious? Looking forwards to the paper too.

[*] timb_machine: @emfcamp Planning is well under way. Blinkenlights and projector acquired, along with USB sticks for a treasure hunt.

[*] timb_machine: @russss I for one welcome our new robot landlord.

[*] timb_machine: @pwnallthethings, @jruderman I wonder what happens if you use KWallet integration.

[*] timb_machine: @tangenteroja, @4Dgifts, @ashk4n, @ioerror Are other agencies similarly credited? (Haven't bothered to look)

[*] timb_machine: @tangenteroja, @4Dgifts, @ashk4n @ioerror There are CESG credits as least as far back as 2013, so it's not always offensive research

[*] timb_machine: @tangenteroja, @4Dgifts, @ashk4n, @ioerror Check recent iOS patch credits

[*] timb_machine: @cuckundoo Hah. Glad I missed that one.

[*] timb_machine: @cuckundoo Hah. No. :)

[*] timb_machine: @cuckundoo http://t.co/h4YmgJXN4p

[*] timb_machine: @cuckundoo Right now, midway between Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. Heading back into San Francisco later today though.

[*] timb_machine: @cuckundoo Nope. Not in the country. Will check.

[*] timb_machine: @__Freakyclown__ Check. The. Wiki.

[*] timb_machine: @hackerfantastic Special t-shirts and all :)

[*] timb_machine: @Pentest_Client Please tell me someone really had you try to hack Los Alamos!

[*] timb_machine: @obscuresec What makes you think we're not already?

[*] timb_machine: @sqshr Point.

[*] timb_machine: @sqshr, @gsuberland I think we were still negotiating. Ask @deanx.

[*] timb_machine: @jonty We have another potential talk in the pipeline. Just waiting to hear from powers that be over it.

[*] timb_machine: @gsuberland Has that been confirmed yet?

[*] timb_machine: @Snubs, @_defcon_, @intel_jim, @Hak5 Hope the "entertainment" and "control" systems are firegapped.

[*] timb_machine: @i0n1c Hope you're still paying your fire license. Everything will return to the commons eventually.

[*] timb_machine: @TeamAndIRC Had remote file theft at one point. Not poked it more recently except reading QNX source. Enjoy and tell procmgr I said "hi" \o/

[*] timb_machine: @rcmaniac25, @TeamAndIRC, @hasben10 WebKit is a viable target for sure.

[*] timb_machine: @winocm I still have systems for which they are *required* :)

[*] timb_machine: @info_dox Rumours have it that @sqshr is doing a brew too

[*] tmb-vs-ibm-aix-libodm.c

[*] tmb-vs-ibm-aix-ptrace-PT_LDINFO.c

[*] s_client-vs-cve-2014-0160.diff.txt

[*] NDSA20140311.txt.asc

[*] SAP Transaction Codes

[*] Patch to x3270 to make it ignore protected fields, and allow them to be modified. This provided some significant pwnage on an assessment where the mainframe (IMS) application appeared to pass the username from one field to another. I'm still researching

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