[+] timb_machine: @russss @emfcamp Hope no thunder and lightening wherever you are...

[+] timb_machine: @mainframed767 @nmap Mine never got merged. Albeit because I didn't get around to pinging the mailing list with the PR details. Sad times.

[+] timb_machine: @attackresearch @BlackHatEvents Unique... without exploits... UNIX... okay, now I'm curious ;)

[+] timb_machine: @vysecurity @eventilt @Senas23 Yup. Always a good standby for 7.5 hours in a dc.

[+] timb_machine: @vysecurity @Senas23 Depends where you operate and what kinda work you're doing. Full scope red teaming is the new… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1000378591404847104

[+] timb_machine: RT @xerub: @s1guza @coolstarorg Like it or not, it was the best answer to the extreme closed source scene of several decades ago. I would e…

[+] timb_machine: RT @CiscoServices: What's your biggest #security challenge? 🔒 Take our quick assessment to find out! http://cs.co/6016Dezek https://t.co/a…

[+] timb_machine: @0x47DF @emfcamp Yes.

[+] timb_machine: @RedactedFirm @DeathsPirate @drjessicabarker @BSidesScot @Infosec_City 2019: Use of "cyber" outlawed?

[+] timb_machine: @jonty @damienmiller @emfcamp :)

[+] timb_machine: @stevelord Between a customer shout in Denmark, Trevor Noah and beer I'd not even noticed it happening. Teach me to… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/997930442031550467

[+] timb_machine: @gsuberland @info_dox ;)

[+] timb_machine: @eventilt @portcullislabs Sadly beehive is a bit poorly. EBROKENFAN.

[+] timb_machine: RT @portcullislabs: https://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/SFA/03gxx/2/01SF240_418_382.html#5.0_Downloading_the_Firmware_Package

[+] timb_machine: RT @portcullislabs: general/general and admin/admin are the defaults for the web interface.

[+] timb_machine: RT @portcullislabs: Top down view... this little baby is active even when the parent is powered off.443/tcp and 30000/tcp are open too. htt…

[+] timb_machine: RT @portcullislabs: HMC... https://t.co/TzbYOEb2Q7

[+] timb_machine: RT @portcullislabs: Inside one of our AIX boxes... https://t.co/2g1KH2yhlH

[+] timb_machine: @stevelord @tautology0 @cybergibbons Vi or gtfo.

[+] timb_machine: @tautology0 @stevelord @cybergibbons I recognise that thought.

[+] timb_machine: Objdump, kdb and gdb are still my go to for AIX tho'. ;)

[+] timb_machine: @cybergibbons To qualify, we have IDA+HexRays in the lab but with those 3 I rarely reach for it any more.

[+] timb_machine: @_jsoo_ It always makes me smile that you are so polite. I am no sir ;)

[+] timb_machine: @_jsoo_ Cost is certainly a consideration. Certainly I don't do enough to justify HexRays on a personal basis. For… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/996997131826356224

[+] timb_machine: @cybergibbons Occasionally.

[+] timb_machine: $reversing = $gdb + $binaryninja + $hopper; # This is my sweet spot and happy place

[+] timb_machine: push(@mailinglist->fire, $oxygen); # In which I propose we start /removing/ passwords as a primary authentication mechanism /entirely/

[+] timb_machine: $lessonlearnt ++; # From now on I'm always going to plan an internal talk at the start of year... makes ensuing CFP… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/996992264282034176

[+] timb_machine: $thoughtexperiment ++; # Using @CiscoSecurity's CMPA as a seed to kick of a nation-state Cyber security capability #howfarcanwescale

[+] timb_machine: RT @davidu: Congrats to the entire @CiscoSecurity team for a fantastic $CSCO Q3 and driving double-digit revenue growth! https://t.co/1M2ld…

[+] timb_machine: close($presentation); # That's me done for another @CiscoSecurity Offensive Summit... thanks to our guest speakers from @NCCGroupInfosec

[+] timb_machine: @security_craig Why no logo? Missed marketing opportunity ;) #badpdf4676774

[+] timb_machine: join(/,/, split(/,/, $friends), split(/,/, $colleagues)); # Turns out a friend from uni is the cousin of a colleague from work #endtimes

[+] timb_machine: @todayininfosec @Mario_Vilas @Mario_Vilas Crazy to think that was 18 years ago. How time flies!

[+] timb_machine: RT @LloydAmber: Buzzing to be playing in this! Please come and support! It’s free! And just means you can grab a beer after the brentford g…

[+] timb_machine: @todayininfosec @Mario_Vilas My first IR response: figuring out the code with a senior colleague and then walking a… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/993131431386853376

[+] timb_machine: @DonAndrewBailey CPUs do not deserve to have their registers corrupted, no matter /what/ architecture they are.

[+] timb_machine: system("gdb " . $targetfilename . " " . $targetprocessid); # One more into the breach

[+] timb_machine: @WebBreacher Shouldn't they already have that ;)

[+] timb_machine: When you check your mail spool on a Saturday morning and remember you're on the same team as @TalosSecurity and @CiscoSecurity... \o/

[+] timb_machine: close($slidedeck); # Iteration 1 of my @44CON CFP response complete, time for further research \o/ #mounixtradecraft

[+] timb_machine: RT @portcullislabs: For those of you that speak Japanese, how @CiscoSecurity helped secure robot arms: https://www.cisco.com/c/ja_jp/about/case-studies-customer-success-stories/1466-fanuc.html (English ver…

[+] timb_machine: @chrissanders88 VA and logging.

[+] timb_machine: @wvualphasoldier They did explain that it was logging related. You don't hash your logs. Could be as simple as havi… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/992275536553521152

[+] timb_machine: @tautology0 @stevelord Good ideas done horrifically badly

[+] timb_machine: @tautology0 @stevelord Systemd gets a bad rap

[+] timb_machine: @grsecurity @j00ru Neat.

[+] timb_machine: @stevelord If we have early slide drafts are you keen? I know, I know, grown up now and planning

[+] timb_machine: @BrentfordFC/@markdevlin7 You've somehow managed to merge mine and my dads records in the new ticket system. He pas… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/991741420028465152

[+] timb_machine: @vysecurity Sigh. Any solution that offers security or privacy as a feature could also introduce censorship. 2 side… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/990582648711020544

[+] timb_machine: @cybergibbons :p

[+] timb_machine: @J0hnnyXm4s @egyp7 Internal reporting tool for the win. Spend your time on the details.

[+] timb_machine: @dlmetcalf @DonAndrewBailey https://labs.portcullis.co.uk/blog/building-a-sandpit/ < My 2 pence on Java server side security

[+] timb_machine: @sawaba @pwna5aurus @DanRaywood @MichaelInfosec @InfosecurityMag The same as pentests ironically ;)

[+] timb_machine: @dlmetcalf @DonAndrewBailey Too true. Applet security posture is not a good measure of the language as a whole.

[+] timb_machine: @ErrataRob A vendor tries to block a disclosure but refuses to give a new timeline. You're asked to deliver a servi… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/986855264346431488

[+] timb_machine: @bigendiansmalls @Twitter @mainframed767 Oh, I know. Just frustrating. At least on the USS side you can infer from… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/986675408560107526

[+] timb_machine: @quentynblog True. Never any apprentice CEO roles open.

[+] timb_machine: @vickyjo @quentynblog The job you want vs the job you had ;). The new "dress for the job you want".

[+] timb_machine: @bigendiansmalls Start with the basics. Consider a password policy, segment etc.

[+] timb_machine: @n0x00 @recrudesce Typical Splunk user, never enough data ingested. Always more, more, more. - Less helpful.

[+] timb_machine: @alicegoldfuss I vote 3 finger salute. Gogo "ctrlaltdel"...

[+] timb_machine: push(@twitter, "Anyone know if there is a generalised document mapping between z/OS and/or USS function/system call… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/986669931084296198

[+] timb_machine: @digininja @sandrogauci Better keep it "private"... ;)

[+] timb_machine: @self =~ s/Twitter/Perl/g; # Task switching :)

[+] timb_machine: @_am3thyst @DonAndrewBailey @k8em0 @violetblue @Viss @vyrus001 @L0pht @granick :)

[+] timb_machine: @_am3thyst @DonAndrewBailey @k8em0 @violetblue @Viss @vyrus001 @L0pht @granick Hacking the mind is hacking. Hacking… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/986361621030326272

[+] timb_machine: @dive_monkey @SwiftOnSecurity @dragosr oops --; # Fixed it for you :)

[+] timb_machine: @SwiftOnSecurity @dragosr Unsanctioned use of the increment operator is not a crime.

[+] timb_machine: RT @emfcamp: Around 150 tickets are back on sale.

[+] timb_machine: @stevelord @AlecMuffett @xa329 @OpenRightsGroup @BBFC We have votes and eveeeeeerrrrything.

[+] timb_machine: @info_dox Yeh, always an option I guess. I have some of the older members of the family already.

[+] timb_machine: $twitter = <>; # Now that's all died down, anyone know where I can hire an IBM LPAR for z? Need to mess around with RACF...

[+] timb_machine: @sqshr @gsuberland Fiendish creature.

[+] timb_machine: @j0hn__f @emfcamp That's the plan.

[+] timb_machine: @sqshr @gsuberland Creature.

[+] timb_machine: @gsuberland @sqshr How did I miss this thread?

[+] timb_machine: @j0hn__f @emfcamp W00t. Uncamp is on :)

[+] timb_machine: @info_dox @emfcamp Ack. And this time I'll know who you are :)

[+] timb_machine: @emfcamp All those people stressing a month back ;)

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